Wednesday, October 27, 2010

お誕生日おめでとうございます "O tanjoubi omedetougozaimasu"

Weeeh! Today is Mai-K's 28th birthday! and as usual, I'll make her a special entry as a birthday greeting.
She released her 34th single 2 months ago, and it's totally awesome. Songs like those are the types I'm really into. That's why I really, really, really love her. She's the one who write her songs too, so that adds my loving for her. She's the first Japanese singer I have known, and that starts my addiction of Japanese music. 

I made her a Birthday story as a present for her birthday last year. It is a story about a princess who loves to sing. I just mixed her music videos, and had a instrumental music from somewhere. Here is the video if you want to watch it.. ^_^

The colors of the letters are not clearly visible such as the white ones, so sorry for that.

Here are some of my favorite photos of her: (click the picture for a bigger image)
This photo was from her single "Beautiful". Blue color makes everything around her calmly wonderful
This photo is edited by someone, and it really turns to be a great picture. 

This is from her album "touch me" I think.. I totally forgot! OMG~

Edited by someone again, I think.. But it is such a wonderful picture of Mai-K singing

A gray scale picture which is somewhat calm and beautiful.

Mai-K, the pitcher of base ball? or Softball? gosh! I should learn about these sports. Anyway, cute gloves she had there.

Ichibyogoto ni Love for You cover. I totally love this song.

Loving this one, I don't know why, but I love it!!!

The left side of the photo seems to be in the Shiroi Yuki music video, maybe. and the right side seems to be in a recording studio.. I love this one also.. of course..

Mai-K in a magazine. Seeing this one makes me wish to have the magazines where she is featured in.

Calm blue suits her always..from her single "Beautiful"

Another calming blue and the sunlight against her..

She is so beautiful, talented, and a wonderful songwriter. People are saying that her songs are simple but meaningful, and I agree with that. Even if it's simple, the words she is singing are all meaningful, that's why people love her. Anyway, HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY to Mai Kuraki, may god give you more years to live, enjoy your special day, and god bless you always..

From the heart of you fans....

To end this entry, I'll share you my most favorite song she wrote, "Secret of my Heart". This song is so meaningful to me, so ENJOY!

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