Saturday, October 2, 2010

私の愛をいずれかを満たしてください "Watashi no ai o izure ka o mitashite kudasai"

So this time's topic will be about Kai-kun (Kaito). I know you guys wonder if who this guy is since I mention him to some several entries I post. Then it's time for me to introduce him to you all.

Kaito is a 17 year old college teenager who studies Information Technology. He was born last July 5, 1993. He lives somewhere near me *chuckle*. He's a computer addict/genius guy who seems to be so expert. He loves blue, and in the same way, he loves Japanese. that's the reason why we get along so well. He's one of the nicest guy I've met, and in the same way, the guy I want to be friends. For me, he's good with picture/video edits. He edited some of my pictures, and it turn out to be great. For his personality, it's like a tropical weather. It change into a grumpy one, or a happy one. He has 6 sides: Kitashi, Hakkai, Heero, Hakira, Nauj, and Kaito.
Kitashi: A childish one. He called me neechan everytime he's around.
Hakkai: a very formal one. He sometimes call me ojosama. Gee! so formal.
Heero: an understanding one? I think. He's like a hero maybe? *chuckle* he saves someone's feelings from sorrow
Hakira: a bosy one, or act as a king. He is so commanding.
Nauj: the one who has these ninja reflexes and good with hip hop.
Kaito: He's real self.
About his ninja reflexes, I already witnessed it. During our trip to the two trees, he climb up a short hill so quick. I told my self silently "Wow, nauj is here!" *Laugh*.

I love how he understands me. Like when I told him that my parents forbid me of having a boyfriend, he understands. He understands my problems, he supports me with my studies too. Not like the other guys who forced you to go and hang out somewhere and just forget about your studies. This is a type of a guy I really like.

My friends ask me if what type of a guy I like, they even gave me three choices. One is my batchmate, the other one is my classmate during elementary days, and kaito. I chose Kai-kun, and they shockingly asked why. I haven't answered their question yet, but I do have already an answer. "It's all because he's a guy who understands me the most".

We became friends during the ICT training I first joined in school. Well, we are already neighbors but haven't became friends yet (like talking everyday, hang out everyday friends). Anyway, I've known him as a computer genius big brother in the first place, since he's the president of the club and four years older than me. I firstly thought that he treats me as a childish little sister, but hey! a special love one??? I realize about his feeling during last Christmas when he gave me a cute pink teddy bear as a present. At that time too, I thought he give a present to all the members of the club for Christmas. I'm so stupid I didn't feel anything, and made me realize about his strange moves around me.

As the time goes by, we developed our relationship as friends. We talk a lot, we laugh together, we sometimes go home together (neighbors!), we may had a misunderstanding but we worked it all out not after a day, we work each others' problems, and many more (there are a lot of things to tell, but I'll tell you few things only*laugh*!). We really developed a lot during our communications. We can now tell each others feelings regularly, look at each others eyes, sing together a song. most likely, we have many common interests.

To my previous entry, I told you guys that I fell in love. You know who that guy is? Yes! it's Kai-kun. I don't know how it turned to be that way, but my heart told me that I fell in love to someone I've been with. We're not in a relationship, but we seems to be in a relationship as how people look at us. My first time for a guy was experienced with him; first holding hands, first hug, first kiss (cheeks ONLY), first time telling a guy "I love you", first time to give a guy a gift, and many more first times. Aside from my dad, he's the closest guy I've ever met.

Something resembles about me and him, and mom and dad.
Me and him: I have a light skin, he has a darker one. We have a 4 year age gap.
mom and dad: mom have a light skin too, and dad has a darker one too. They got an age gap of 3-4 years. I think.

I think I already told you a lot of things about him, I hope you learn something about him too by reading this entry. Should I end this one? The entry is so long already, hope you haven't hurt your eyes reading this one. To make yourself relax and cool, let's watch and listen C-ute's 2nd major single "Meguru koi no kisetsu". A fun energetic song by c-ute.

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