Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Tsunku!

Today is Tsunku's birthday, and since he is one of my favorite composers, I'll greet him by posting a birthday entry here. ^_^

He is a singer-songwriter, talent-manager, record producer, mix engineer, musician, actor and a television presenter. Wow! look how great he is. A great musician of all time. I'm not really a big fan of him, but I love his writing songs, and how he write songs for the Hello!Project.

He sang some of his writing songs such as Osaka koi no Uta, Aruiteru, and Resonant Blue of Morning Musume. He does sing great, of course, he's the one who wrote it.

Resonant blue is one of my favorite songs (well, everything is my favorite. LOL!) He sings great. I'm now a big fan of him! weeeh

Osaka koi no uta is a great song, he is really a legendary songwriter..

Aruiteru is a song for everyone. He sing this song romantically. He has this type of voice that makes the song like that. Love it!

He is now..uhhhmm.. 42 years old? well, hope God will give him many years to come. Let us all support him for writing more wonderful songs.

During the recording of Morning musume single "Love machine", he is one of the back up vocals, and hey, he seems to be enjoying it greatly. He dances, and make some funny poses. I think he didn't notice that someone is recording him..

He teaches the members how to sing the song correctly, and he makes it easy for them. I thought he's a little more strict than usual, but he is like a father to all of them.

Oooh.. found some pictures from his blog where he received a surprise birthday party in Aoyama.

anyway, Happy 42nd birthday Tsunku, and hope many years will come.


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