Wednesday, October 27, 2010

C-ute 14th Single Outfits

So, the C-ute's 14th single entitled "Aitai Lonely Christmas" outfits has been released a while ago.
Each member's outfit really suits the Christmas theme perfectly especially the winter season. It really made me so excited to have a full view of their outfits ever since they opened up their Official Youtube Channel.
Seeing their outfits makes me feel the season already. Not the winter, but the Christmas. I just noticed something new about chisa too, hmmm... Hey! wait! did she dyed her hair brown? oh? and her hair is now longer than before.. haha..and it totally suits her leopard clothes. She looks so cute.

Maimi keeps her beauty always in track. I noticed something weird about her, her hand is always in her heart, if you noticed..I don't think it's weird.  Nakky has a big scarf, I wonder if she can dance well wearing that. She has a very cute boots. WOW!

Airi has a very cute hat, I totally love it. She has also a cute winter boots, and a cute white poncho. I think everything is cute around them. *laugh* Chisato looks great with her outfit. A leopard hat, brown boots, and a new hair color.  Maimai was the first one to catch my attention as I look at the picture at their youtube channel, and it really gives me a big smile. I think pink makes a good combination to her cuteness. She's really a grown up lady now. 

I really look forward for their radio preview and also the PV. I wonder how it turns out. I heard that it is a ballad song. Let's see about that later..

it'll be release this coming December 1, 2010

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