Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poll is here!

So, MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 600 hits of views for just only 2 months ever since I opened this blog.YAY *applause* For celebrating, I'm going to install up a monthly poll which will start today.
This blog was visited mostly by the H!P fans and lovers, so I was thinking, my first poll will be involving about Hello!Project.
So, here's my first poll
Yup, the first poll will be "Which leader is the best?". I know Ai-chan always got the most high votes mostly in all polls of the other blogs I visited, so I want to know how you support them the other ones. The poll will be officially close this coming November 26, 2010. So vote now..
Left to right:
Ai Takahashi(morning musume), Saki Shimizu(Berryz koubou), 
Maimi Yajima(C-ute), Ayaka Wada(S/mileage)
Thanks for visiting anyway!

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