Thursday, October 28, 2010

Berryz Koubou "Shining Power" Full PV

The PV of Berryz Koubou "Shining Power" has been released several days ago.

The dark outfits don't really fits to the light background, I prefer more darker. Now I get it why I really don't like Berryz PVs, it is because it don't really fit well to their costumes and background/theme (not all, but some of it). Anyway, the close-up backgrounds are their member color, and I just find out that Miyabi is the purple one, good one!

The ping pong part seems fun, everyone is holding their own color rackets. The sliding effects of the video parts are interesting. The choreography for this song looks great than the other choreography they have been. Kumai's been in the center for all the time, it makes Risako to take a rest of being in the center all the time. This song's sounds a little bit like in their other single Ryuusei Boy, at the beginning part.

Kumai looks great with her hair, I was so curious when I saw their picture wearing those outfits, I thought it's a new member, but hey! it's Kumai. Gosh, it really made me realize that it was her when I identify all the members one by one. she rocks the center. Captain sings great, also Chinami. Risako really looks beautiful with her hair like that, I can see her eyes clearly. I don't like her eyes covered with her bangs. I like it.

Anyway, this single seems to be the SHINING POWER of Yurina *Laugh*. It is a great one, Berryz Koubou impressed me again. This single will be release this coming November 10. Hope all the fans will support and buy a copy of their single.

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