Saturday, May 28, 2011

Michishige Sayumi's Touching Gift from a Young Fan!

Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi updated her official blog, showing fans a precious gift from a young fan.“A kid who’s related to me sent me a picture they’d drawn saying, ‘To Sayu-chan!’”, she wrote, alongside pictures of her gift. “I don’t know what they drew, and I’m not sure why this picture is so special to me, but… I’m so happy (; _ ;) Thank you ♪ Children are great ♪”.Fans were touched by Michishige’s blog entry, commenting, “I’m glad it made you feel that way,” “What a nice story~”, and “I really have no idea what they drew, but that’s nice (lol).”
It's nice to see Sayu treasure this special gift. We may not know what they really draw, but I can see the effort and love from the young fan to Sayu. 


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