Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary to S/mileage!

S/mileage celebrated their first anniversary since their major debut!
“As of today, it’s been a year since S/mileage made their major label debut \(^_^)/” wrote Maeda in her blog entry. “It feels like so long… but so short… Really, thank you so much! In year two, we’re gonna try our best to show you a powered-up version of S/mileage!”
Their major debut single "Yume Miru Fifteen" was released last year on March 6th. I never thought that it's a year already, since their major debut. It's so fast, as Yuuka commented. They are developing their talent more. I'm glad that they reached this far, and hopefully, they'll be in the next couple of years. It would be great to see them sing many interesting songs that suits them most.
Congratulations Again
to S/mileage

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