Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yasuda Kei Expresses Her Happiness for the Newly-wed Yaguchi Mari

Ex-morning musume member Yasuda Kei congratulated Yaguchi Mari for her marriage with actor Nakamura Masaya.

Two days after the wedding, Yasuda expressed her best wishes to the newly wed couple through her official amoeba blog. She said "I'm so happy that I feel like crying",Yasuda and Yaguchi were both selected for the second gen audition and was said to be very close to each other and I can see that she's quite sincere with her words.

Yasuda revealed that the above picture was taken before Yaguchi changed her last name to Nakamura. This is her last two-shots with Yaguchi, who is now Nakamura Mari. "Though truthfully, I feel a little bit lonely too and Masaya-kun, I wish you happiness" she said.

Indeed, friendship is something that doesn't have "graduations".


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