Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning Musume at Music Station Campaign

I was reading blogs when I bumped into this article : LINK

And so I made a decision to help out on this one since I know that this could help MM promote their newest single "Only You"

As much as I am aware of it, Music Station is a well-known music show in Japan and most of their guests are the TOP artists in Japan. Guestings here are invitations only which makes it more respectable. Not to mention, Music Station has also recently received its international television premiere in Asia on March 2007. Get the point? Having MM to perfrom here could boost their popularity and sales!

So how do we make it possible?

1. Go to Music Station's website :
2. You will be brought to this page

The first box which has ニックネーム means "nickname", you can write it in romaji
The second box is for gender, left is male and right is female
Third one asks for your Japanese prefecture, if you're not from Japan, you might as well click any or if you like you can choose tokyo (東京)
Fourth box is age range, just click the one that is closer to your age.
And the last box is for your request, if you can understand/ write in japanese you may write on your own but if you can't just copy-paste this モーニング娘。46枚目のニューシングル「ONLY YOU」お願いします!!ぜひ、彼女たちに出番させてください!

Note: the site does not allow right click so when pasting you may just press Ctrl+V

3. Click that grey button below and you'll be directed to this page:

4. Confirm your request
Click the left はい ("yes") button and you're done!

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