Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Should Ogawa Saki go on a salad diet?

S/mileage Ogawa Saki says she has gained some weighed and so she announced in her blog that she would be going on a "salad diet" to help her reduce few pounds.

In her blog she wrote:
"Since I’ve gained a little weight recently, I think I’ll go on a salad diet,” she wrote in her blog entry. “I wanna try eating nothing but salad! …I’ll do my best!"

Fans reacted about her plans on reducing some weight. Here are some comments given by the fans:

“Somehow I don’t think you’d look much different if you went on a diet,” “Saki-chan, you don’t need to diet… You’re skinny enough~”, and “If you’re going to diet after all, eating only one kind of food isn’t good.”

So what's your opinion about this one?

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