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Hello!Pro News!

It's been really a while since I updated this site. The internet connection's broken few days ago, and was finally fixed yesterday. I missed many updates and news about H!P, and I want to put them all in a single entry. First off is C-ute, then Morning Musume, S/mileage, Bouno!, Berryz Koubou and other more. 

Read them all below!
1. C-ute Section
There are many updates about c-ute: their upcoming single's tracklist, their new outfits, covers, a radio preview and also their concert's tracklist. 
Left to Right: Limited A, Limited B, Regular
1. Momoiro Sparkling
3. Momoiro Sparkling (instrumental)
These are the covers of C-ute's upcoming single "Momoiro Sparkling" along with the tracklist. I'm really impressed as I took a look for these awesome covers. C-ute impress me most, and they did it again. The covers look so colorful, and energetic. I love the regular cover, the members has this cute theme. 
Well, about the tracklist, it still a normal tracklist which has a b-side, and instrumental. Aside from that, the b-side seems so interesting. It may be a soft-ballad song, or a genki song, or a unique C-ute style. 
The outfits looks amazing, and just so promising to look. It seems that every single detail of this upcoming song are keep coming and coming and give us a hint what the single will be like. It's going to be a cheerful, energetic song, which will be a C-ute style. I'm glad that they decided to have clothes with many colors and didn't really focused in pink outfits. These outfits really describes each member's personality, which is something great. 

C-ute never fail us down. They make many surprises, new style and just everything which is different from their past releases which is really impressive. 

Here's a 25-sec preview of "Momoiro Sparkling" PV. I love how it turned out, the setting is a very C-ute style. Kind of reminds me to their past single "Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu" because of the sweet cute melody, with a summery feeling. Anyway, I would prefer for Maimai's hair to be not in a ponytail, it will look so much better.
The setlist of "℃-ute Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Chou! Chou Wonderful Tour~" has also been released.
01 Midnight Temptation
02 Forever Love
- Member introduction – VTR (LALALA Shiawase no Uta)
04 Momoiro Sparkling
- MC 1
05 3ban hoomu 3ryoume
06 Wakaretakunai
07 Kiss me Aishiteru
- MC 2: Maimi, Nakky, Mai
08 Zanshou Omimai Moshiagemasu (Suzuki Airi Solo)
09 Hare no Platinum Doori (Nakajima Saki Solo)
10 Saikoukyuu no Enjoy Girls (Okai Chisato Solo; Backdancers: Airi, Mai)
11 Circle
12 Rururururu
- MC 3: Chisato
13 Shigatsu Sengen (Hagiwara Mai Solo)
14 Everyday Zekkouchou!! (Yajima Maimi Solo; Backdancers: Nakky, Mai)
15 That’s the Power
16 Bokura no Kagayaki
- Costume change
17 Campus Life
18 Chou Wonderful (with a dance solo for each member)
19 Dance de Bakoon!
20 Seishun Song
21 Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no
- MC 4
22 Iza, Susume ! Steady Go
The setlist is indeed interesting. having the song jump for the 1st part (since it's used to be an ending song). The songs from the album are mostly performed, and I want to see how they perform it live, especially the Chou Wonderful and their latest single "Momoiro Sparkling". Here are the schedule for the tour.
2011.04.3014:30Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
2011.04.3018:30Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
2011.05.0113:30Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
2011.05.0117:30Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
2011.05.0315:00Ibaraki Ibarakiken Ritsu Kenmin Bunka Center Dai Hall
2011.05.0318:30Ibaraki Ibarakiken Ritsu Kenmin Bunka Center Dai Hall
2011.05.0516:00Niigata Niigataken Tami Kaikan Dai Hall
2011.05.0715:00Tochigi Tochigiken Sougou Bunka Center Main Hall
2011.05.0718:30Tochigi Tochigiken Sougou Bunka Center Main Hall
2011.05.0815:00Saitama Sun City Koshigaya Shimin Hall Dai Hall
2011.05.0818:30Saitama Sun City Koshigaya Shimin Hall Dai Hall
2011.05.1515:00Aichi Chukyo Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora
2011.05.1518:30Aichi Chukyo Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora
2011.06.0415:00NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)
2011.06.0418:30NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)
2011.06.0513:00NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)
2011.06.0516:30NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)

A solo event for each member of C-ute which is titled ℃ Fest 2011 Summer ~℃-Nacchau no yo Solo LIVE!~ is scheduled this coming month of June. Here's the schedule.

  • 6/20 → Nakajima Saki
  • 6/21 → Okai Chisato
  • 6/27 → Suzuki Airi
  • 6/28 → Hagiwara Mai
  • 6/29 → Yajima Maimi

The events will be in the Tokyo FM Hall.
Next stop in the C-ute's section will be about Maimai's e-Hello DVD which is titled "Mizuiro". I'm really glad that Mai-chan will be the next member to have an e-Hello DVD which excites me since I'm really a very big fan of her.The cover's really amazing, with her cute smile which completes everything.  I really love the way it looks. It's just so impressive.
Suzuki Airi's 6th photobook called "Meguru Haru" cover has been released. I'm very impressed by it's simpleness but very amazing cover. It has a calm theme, but doesn't really seems to be in a spring theme. 

Release dates:
  1. Momoiro Sparkling- May 25
  2. Suzuki Airi's 6th PB "Meguru Haru"- May 23
  3. Hagiwara Mai's e-Hello DVD "Mizuiro"- preorder it from May 2 to May 11

2. Morning Musume Section
Here' the updates of Momusu!
First of all, I want to share you guys about the Momusu's new official group picture in their website, and is the profile picture for their latest single "Only You". 
I love their outfits, it's as white as an angel dress. The hairstyle are quite new to some members like Zukki, Fuku-chan, Sayu,Gaki, and especially Ai-chan. I love how Gaki's hair looks, she really looks amazing, Sayu's  hairstyle suits her well. I somewhat don't like how Fuku-chan and Zukki's hair looks, and I'm still not used to Ai-chan's new hair color. I still how they all look. :)

The tracklist for Morning Musume’s 46th single has been released as well.
Tracklist:01. Only You02. Yamette yo! Sindbad03. Only You (Instrumental)
The B-side sounds more about the a character whose a pirate, for what I have remember. As a little guess, this may be a rocking song.
here's now a concert rip of the upcoming single "Only You"
I'm really glad to hear a concert rip in a better quality than the regular concert rips we always hear. The song's not really what I expected, since I expect for a ballad slow beat music. This one's a very strong song which seems to be a while ever since we heard Momusu release a song like this. The line distributions kind of disappointing.
Takahashi Ai : 23 linesTanaka Reina : 22 linesSayashi Riho : 14 linesNiigaki Risa : 2 linesMichishige Sayumi : 2 linesMitsui Aika : 2 lines9th gen(except riho) 0 linesSource
This really disappoints me the most, giving Gaki lesser lines than Riho, and no lines for the other 9th gen members. I'm not saying that I hate Riho, I've been even liking her, but they're giving her more attention, and the other 9th gen members has none. Gaki needs more lines than her because she has a strong voice, which we know will really suit to a song like this. Plus, she'll be a leader soon of MM.
Aside from those line distribution things, the lines they give to Gaki sounds so powerful which makes me glad about it. It really suits her great powerful deep voice. I'll be looking forward for the PV!

3. S/mileage Section
S/mileage 6th single which is still untitled has been announced a day before their 5th single release date. It will be released in 5 versions: Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, and Limited D(CD+DVD). This will be released this coming July 6.
S/mileage member, Maeda Yuuka, will be featured on H!P's digital photobook this month, May. This will be in 4 photobooks, in what the information says. Anyway, the release has not been announced, but it'll be around May.

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