Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello! Project Fan Vote 2015 Results! PART 1

You all have voted for your favorites in Hello! Project and now all votes among fans all around the world had been tallied!!!

Are you excited to find out which of the girls have reigned supreme above the rest? Will the addition of new groups stir up the rankings? Find out for yourself!
****drum roll****

Suzuki Airi (C-ute) had once again proved her supremacy among the rest after being voted as Hello! Project's #1 girl for the 2nd time around inning with a massive land slide votes from fans, the first time she won was during the first H!P fanvote last 2013, and she finished off 2nd last year, loosing to Sayumi Michishige (MM). With her vocal prowess, stage presence and undeniable charm, its easy to guess why she's always been a favorite ever since she became an idol. 

Here's the ranking of all the girls with the total points they've received based on who the fans ranked as their top 10 favorites.

Morning Musume'15 have yet again dominated the Top 10, with 7 of their members making it on top. Surprisingly, Sato Masaki (MM) had jumped from 9th place last year to 2nd this year! Maachan does have her fair share of the spotlight this year and she's really one of Momusu's front girls right now. Ishida Ayumi (MM), however, dropped from 3rd to 6th this year, I still love you Daishi <3!! Fairly much, those who ranked in the Top 10 are the same people who ranked last year with the exemption of Sayumi who already have graduated and was no longer  included in the votes. Okai Chisato (C-ute) have managed to snag the 9th position after not making it in the Top 10 last year. She was ranked 10th last 2013.

Wada Ayaka (ANGERME) managed to overtake her groupmate Tamura Meimi (ANGERME) in the rankings as the favorite one within their group. New girls from Morning Musume, Angerme and Country girls wren't included in the ranking from last year, instead they had their own category. This year, they are now part of the rankings including the new groups that were formed this year. Nonaka Miki (MM), Sasaki Rikako and Murota Mizuki (Angerme) managed to enter this years' Top 20!

Here's the ranking based on the NUMBER OF VOTES they got from fans to be part of their Top 10 favorites.

And here's the ranking for how many people had chosen them as their Kami-oshi

Part 2 of the Fanvote will be in another post.

cr: Hero Ly for conducting the poll ^_^


  1. You should say that its Hero Ly who done this survey! Its a lot of job!!

    1. it's credited at the last part in the 2nd half of the post =)