Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello! Project Fan Vote 2015 Part 2

here's part 2 of the fan vote! This covers the other cateories included in the poll. 

This year's favorite single is from MM'15, "OMW/Sukatto/ImaSugu". This single was really a nice change of pace in terms of who's getting the center positionn. And it was nice to see that the other girls were given the chance to lead this single and it was a well deserved opportunity for ohers to showcase their talent, especially to Zukki who is mostly neglected in their past singles...And wow, was it a shocking change when we saw Zukki lost some weight for this one. She was really beautiful in OMW. 

Best MV award goes to the newbies!!! Congratulations Kobushi factory for your first win in this fan vote!! This was actually the first time I've seen this MV as i have not keenly followed the new groups closely due to my busy schedule. But boy, was this a breathe of fresh air? =D It doesn't feel like an H!P produced MV lol... it has a completely different feel and sound to it. the intro kind of reminds me of the background music in Naruto XD Not to mention, they really have strong vocals and they seemed to be really havig fun running around XD

Sorry, Sakura-chan, but this year, Suzuki Airi gets the Best Singer Award by a margin of a little less than a 100 votes. Nonetheless, the I kind of agree with the top 3 result as they are truly H!P's best vocalist in my opinion. I'm actually surprised that Maachan ranked higher than Riho! Airi still proves that she's H!P's Best performer, winning this category twice in a row. And with Sayumi gone, Airi is now crowned as Most Photogenic member. 

Congratulations to Danbara Ruru for being chosen as this year's Favorite Kenshuusei. And for all Sayashi Riho fans, time to rejoice, she's voted as Best Dancer this year, after losing o her rival, Ishida Ayumi last year! Newbie Inaba Manaka (Country Girls) managed to outrank dance machines like Nakajima Saki and Yajima Maimi! Congratulations! Maachan is now the Best Blogger in the group, she ranked 2nd to Sayumi last year. She's also voted as Most Likely To Impress in 2016. She really had been impressive this year, hopefully she could maintain the momentum, if not, increased it, considering Riho will be graduating, that's a lot of space they have to fill in. So Good Luck Maachan! Also, it's worth mentioning that Angerme's newest member Moe-chan is ranked 2nd as most likely to impress us next year. I've seen her sing and she's good! Favorite new member is no other than my baby love, Hamaura Ayano! Mommy is so proud of you!!!!! 

Above is a graph of several demographics from fans. And the countries who have participated in this year's poll. Much love to everyone from U.S.A.!!!! 
The biggest impact this year was Tsunku's announcement that he had graduated in Hello! Project. I know it was because of his health, but I want to take this opportunity to thank him for all his efforts and love towards Hello! Project! Thank you for not giving up on H!P during their dark days. I wish you well and all the happiness in this world! You will always be Hello! Project's father to us fans, it will never be the same without you! 

All thanks to Hero Ly for his efforts in hosting this poll! 

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