Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[Concert Review] Tamura Meimi birthday event 3rd of December

Good Day everyone.
Todays review is about Tamura Meimi birthday event.

Meimi poster from the event

As you all might know, it is not everyone that is allowed to attend birthday events.
You need to be a Hello!Project (or M-line) fanclub member.

And I am suprised how short it was.
The event was less than 1 hour in total.

Before the concert, I met up with my friend, and some guys I met at ANGERME budokan concert.
And some people was handing out this penlights that we used when Meimi came on stage.

Then it was some talking, and showing when Meimi was a baby up to ~2-3 years old.. Oh she was so cute when she was a baby.


She started with an old song from Matsuura Aya called Watashi no Sugoi Houhou. A song I never heard off, but Meimei sang it perfect.
What to expect when she is an amazing singer, she can sing in all different styles.
And after that it was the talking section, she was really happy and suprised about the glowsticks.
After the talking section, she continued the songs, starting with:
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss by Buono
Which she owned as expected, I don't think there is one song she can't sing, but ye I haven't heard her sing all songs in the world *hihi*
Hajimete wo Keikenchuu by Juice=Juice
Number 4 of the songs was performence varies, but on the event I was on she sang a song by Teresa Teng called Wakare no Yokan (and event 2 was KoiING by Morning Musume) and wow, she really nailed it.
I got goosebumps of her singing it, I don't know why since I never heard it before but wow!
Then came Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru by Tanpopo, oh she looked so happy singing it.
Last but not least Never Forget by Morning Musume. I was a bit suprised over the song choice since it is known as a graduation song. But it is a lovely song anyway, and I am glad to have heard her sing it.

After the event was over, it was wave goodbye to her when we walked out, and wow she looked suprise to see me and my friend (foreigners, even if my friend lives in japan)

If possible, get a fanclub membership and try to attend a birthday event by any member, you wont be disappointed.


When I am writing this, Meimi have announced her graduation from Hello!Projet and ANGERME.
I am a bit sad over it, but thanks to that I am extra happy that I attended her birthday event.
So, please if you have the chance to attend your kamioshi's birthday event, don't rethink, do it.
You will regret it otherwise.


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