Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Official Sayashi Riho Graduation Post

(Originally, this was going to be a "Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi / ENDLESS SKY / One and Only" single review, but then I realized I had much more to say about the graduation itself."

Hello, everyone! It's Calli here!

In just some hours, Miss Sayashi Riho is going to graduate from Morning Musume '15.

When Riho joined in 2011, she had stated that she wanted to be leader someday.

But here is the thing: people change. I'm sure she realized her true passions, and being an idol just wasn't allowing her true artistry to shine through, even if she was the center of her respective group.

She didn't look happy anymore, we all saw it on her face.

But for her time in the group, I have to admit, she was a blessing to Morning Musume.

I didn't like her initially, but as her graduation was announced, I had that sinking feeling that the group would be somehow incomplete without her.

It was a much different situation from Sayu, whose time was definitely up, but many people feel like Riho really didn't serve her full time in Morning Musume. Likewise, she didn't even want a proper graduation concert for herself.

It's a bittersweet goodbye, sweet because I look forward to seeing how Morning Musume '16 shapes up, but bitter because a beloved member is leaving the group.

I really surprised myself earlier. I was watching all the MVs from her graduation single, and when "ENDLESS SKY"'s MV came on, it really made me cry hard.

It made me realize that even though Morning Musume is a constantly changing group, when just one member leaves, it leaves a little wound in the group's history. The wound gets better, but never completely heals. It leaves a little scar behind of the past, but over time, the group finds its way with maturity and new members combined.

And it made me realize that for Morning Musume, no matter which member leaves, it would all affect me equally.

Riho doesn't try to fake with other people, she does her own thing. And we know her passion is dancing.

I think it's so sweet that she's staying in Hello! Project. It shows that her love for the company itself hasn't faded, but rather she wants to simply move on from being an idol.

Since she is studying English, it would be really nice if she came to America and went to a professional dance school here as well, maybe in a place like New York.

I look very forward to seeing her future endeavors. She is a beautiful, interesting girl, and she definitely won't be forgotten.

As for Morning Musume '16:

"It starts now! It starts now!"


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  1. Great tribute post! I'm going to miss her already seems weird without her. BUT MAADUU.