Monday, December 14, 2015

[Concert Review] Juice=Juice 30th of November 2015

Good Morning Everyone.

Finally I am awake in my mind after my trip to Japan. So now I can continue with the reviews.
Starting with my 3rd concert I attended.

It was my first ever live house concert.
For those who don't know what live house concert is, it is where the audiance are close to the artist(s) and after the concert you get to shake the members hands.
There is a female section as well, which is awesome if you are a female, and especially if you are tall, since 90% of the girls are often short in Japan.
I got eyecontact with my favorite Kanazawa Tomoko thanks to that.

When it comes to the setlist.
It was awesome.
The opening act was Next You (if you don't know what Next you is, it is their alto ego for a drama they are staring in)

This was my first time at a Juice=Juice concert, so for me all the songs was awesome.
But the biggest surprise for me was that they performed Hatsukoi Cider (Buono! song)
And Karin blushed during one of the songs, trying to figure out which one, but I think it was Magic of Love, thanks to that all the others said "I love you" to her.

During one of the MCs we also sang Happy Birthday to Karin since it was her birthday on December 1st.

Photo taken by Up-front link (and Aika)

I can tell, that it was an awesome concert, and you really need to experience a live house concert.
Naruchika works too (it is also live house concert) because arena concert and live house concerts are two difference feelings.
And I am happy I have attended all kind of concerts.
And if you get the chance, to attend all kind of venues. You wont regret it at all.

Overall, the concert was awesome.
The setlist was awesome
The audience was awesome
Everything was awesome

10/10, worth going to!

Next up: Tamura Meimi birthday event!

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