Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[Concert review] ANGERME Fukuda Kanon graduation concert

This is the biggest concert review I write in a while.
Fukuda Kanon graduation concert.
Let's start with saying, I haven't been so stressed like I was that day.
Cheki with C-ute, Handshake with MM'15 (and I GOT LOST GETTING THERE!!!) and then the ANGERME concert.

Let me tell you, the line for the concert goods was LOOOOOOOOOONG, it's impossible to tell you guys how long, but those who attended Berryz Koubou final concert can imagine how long, because it was around the same like it. With most Kanyon stuff sold out (no suprise though) I stood in line before having to give up standing in line due to my back issue (I was in a carcrash last year, and still have issuses after that) so I gave money to a friend, and asked him to buy me some goods.

The doors opened at 5pm, and the queue was long even to get it, so me and a friend of mine decided to wait a while. I mean, we had our seats already decided, and why rush?
We went inside about 5.20-5.30pm and the opening acts (Tsubaki and Kobushi Factory) performed their songs around 5.45-5.50pm, and let me tell you. Tsubaki Factory is so much better than I thought, and ofcourse, no suprise, Kobushi Factory was great as always!

And after a few minutes after Kobushi Factory performed their song, ANGERME  came on stage, I had such a great seat that I could sit (resting my back) yet see them perfectly, so I could sit a few songs and stand a few songs, so I could attend without killing myself.

I have never seen such more beautiful concert, not that I have attended so many concerts with Hello!Project, but still.
I have attended 2 grad concerts, Berryz Koubou and Fukuda Kanons, Berryz Koubous was beautiful yes, but not in the same way that Kanyons was.
During her grad song, she had foam coming down from the ceiling, and it looked so lovely.
And it was also a special kind of graduation, she said her graduation message, but the other girls did not say a goodbye message, well unless you count their last MC as a grad message, because some of the girls said something regarding Kanyon during their speech.
You could think that since they had 6 months to prepare, it would be more a graduation ceremony than it was. It was sad that they didn't have a special ceremony for her, but I think it was good that they didn't because I would probably have cried then, weird enough, I have problem crying during graduations, I didn't cry during berryz graduation nor during Kanyons. Now some people may think "Yes, you did cry during berryz", well yes I did, but not during the sad parts, I cried in the beginning of the concert due to my back killed me, and I couldn't sit because then I couldn't see anything, before me and another one changed seats so I could sit during the concert and still see good.

Anyway, back to ANGERME concert, between opening act and ANGERME, the current acts and some former girls from Hello!Project came and sat where they normally sits during budokan concerts , in grouporder and member order, so we had C-ute in the first row, then it was MM'15 - J=J - CG - KF -TF. Maimi was missing from C-ute, so I was like: "Where is she!?" well we did get the answer later when she came on stage, should have understood that she was gonna come on stage, I mean she is the leader of Hello!Project an C-ute. We also had Captain, Chinami, Yurina and Miyabi (former Berryz Koubou), I think I could see Aika and some other girls, but I don't know, it was hard to see the girls behind berryz even with binoculars (Got to borrow from a wota, to see which girls it was sitting there) and it was great to see them all being there supporting Kanyon at her final concert.
During the first MC, we got to "meet" the new member, Kamiko-chan, and let me tell you, she is so cute in person as well, I can't wait to see her start her activites with ANGERME. And, we also got 2 sub-leaders (which made me think, it wont be long until Ayachoo graduates) and they are Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari. I think it is most likely Kana who will become the new leader after Ayaka graduates, even if Akari have been in Hello!Project longer, since they have been in ANGERME just as long both of them, but it might be Akari if it will be like when Mikitty (6th gen) became leader over Morning Musume before Takahasi Ai (5th gen) just because she had been in Hello!Project longer, we'll just have to see. And after the final song (Suki-chan) Kanyon came back on stage, to say a special thank you to all the fans.

The setlist was great, only thing of the concert, I missed was Sakitty and Yuuka making a special visit, but they attended the concert, that is was matter :)
The concert was 2½ hour long, started 6pm and ended 8.30pm (ish).

The photo is my view of the big stage, and from the subtage, I got eyecontact with Rikako, and it made me so happy :D
Concert? If I could, I would give it 100000000 of 10, but ye, 10 out of 10 easily! :)

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