Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[Concert Review] C-ute concert tour 2015 aki Can't stop Final

Hi everyone, Risa here!
As you all might know, I am currently in Japan, and I have gotten this special assignment to write concert reviews of the concerts I am attending. So lets start!

C-ute Can't Stop!
It's true, they are so awesome, and they are literally so awesome live.
It is hard to see them leaving soon, even though they are soon all over 20 years old (Mai turns 20 in february) which they all made fun off at one of the MCs, that she was the only one under 20.
I had a pretty good seat, first floor (they had only 2 floors) and well, I felt like a giant where I stood, because I had short girls beside me, infront of me and short guys behind me. I now how Yurina (former Berryz Koubou) felt when she stood next to Momoko.

The setlist was like it had been for the entire tour, except 2 songs, special for the final day was Jyounetsu Ecstasy (a Nakky center song) and for the final show (the evening one, that I attended) was Gamusha Life! So they performed 27 songs in total for that show.
The traniees wasn't at the concert, due to having the traniee concerts, so  they had some other girls instead being their backdancers. Which was a bit sad, because I would love to see the traniees too, see how those girls who was suppose to be the opening act was live, but oh well.

It was my first tour final ever that haven't been a graduation concert, and I loved it.
Only thing I didn't like was that during some of the songs, Mai had it difficult with her voice, it was really bad, especially during Iron Hearts, you could all hear it, and you could tell that she needs to get help regarding her voice now.

But over all, I give this concert, 10 out of 10, it was more than I expected, and I recommend you to see them at least once before they decide to go on hiatus.
It will be worth it, I promise you that.

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