Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hello, everyone! Calli's in the house! ^_~

Minna-san, konnichiwa! I'm Calli, and I'm a new writer here for Chuu! Sugoi! Idol!

Here is a photo of me~

Selfie game weak, sorry for burning your eyes!

I live in Florida in the USA and my life is music, specifically Hello! Project, of course! I've known about Hello! Project since 2007 through Mini Moni but I got into it in 2013, upon ºC-ute's "Tokai no Hitorigurashi / Ai tte Motto Zanshin" release. Okai Chisato caught my eyes immediately with her swept short hair and deep growly voice.
From then on, I joined Hello! Project dubbing groups and learned about the other groups as well. My H!P fanniversary is February 2nd, 2014! I'm a newer fan, yes, but it does not distract from my ultimate passion for H!P.

My kami-oshi is Fujii Rio of Kobushi Factory, and my kami-oshi group is Kobushi Factory! I've been following them ever since they were announced!They're so, so talented for a newer group and their rock style is perfect for me. RioRio is the most beautiful idol I've seen in my life. The day I'll get to meet them will be the happiest day of my life.

I have an alternate idol persona, which I use in dubbing! Her name is Kawamoto Chiyo! My YouTube is ScratchThat2009, and I cover H!P songs on it, along with hosted groupdubs! Be warned though, some videos may be blocked in the USA because of YouTube Red >_<

My personal blog is, if you would like to check it out!

I would like to thank C!S!I for giving me the chance to write for the blog. It combines two passions of mine, H!P and creative writing, into one! I look forward to my future with this blog :)

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