Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sayashi Riho Graduation Tribute Plan

October 29, 2015, Morning Musume'15 9th generation member Sayashi Riho announced her graduation from Morning Musume this coming December 31, 2015 during the H!P countdown party 2015 live concert. Fortunately, she will remain as a Hello!Project member as she studies abroad to improve her dancing skills and study English as well.

With this sudden news, we, the Chuu!Sugoi!Idol and Hello!Project Fanpage team are now planning for a graduation tribute for Riho. This tribute will mainly about our undying support to Riho's decision to follow her dreams.

This time, we'll be having a sing and dance tribute where groups of fans from all over the world will dance one of Riho's favorite song "Maji desu ka Ska!" which is also her debut single along with the other 9th gen members in Morning Musume. Fans who chose not to sing and/or dance can still join by sending a photo of them with a short dedication for Riho.

We will send send this video to J-Melo.

You can choose on where to join: Song Cover, Dance Cover & Photo Dedication


 For those who are interested in doing the song cover, send us a sample of you covering a japanese song. Send it to our facebook page "Hello!Project Fanpage". We will only choose 2-3 singers for the song.
Once chosen, send us your cover (preferably an a capella version) of "Maji Desuka Ska!" and a close up video of you singing.

For those who are interested in doing the dance cover, send your video to our facebook page "Hello!Project Fanpage". If you already did a "Maji Desuka Ska" dance cover, you can now send it to us! You can do it by group or solo.

1. Wear something RED and take a photo of yourself doing the "Ganbare!" pose. (You can see a photo of Riho above where she's doing the pose) You can do it in solo, or by group.
2. You can also have some dedication message (Limit it to 10 words) and make it as readable as possible.
3. Send it to with the subject of "SAYASHI RIHO GRADUATION TRIBUTE" with your name and country.
You can also send it on our facebook page "Hello!Project Fanpage".

You can do as many as you want!
Deadline for your entries would be on: December 12, 2015 11:59 PM JST

For more inquiries, don't hesitate to message us in our Facebook page "Hello!Project Fanpage"