Sunday, January 12, 2014

JunJun read our B-day greetings in FB and is posted on her blog! Rejoice!

I was always wondering if someone in H!P or even Tsunku himself  had already encountered our Hello! Project page in FB.......and my questions were answered!!, 
She read it!!! Right?
 So yesterday was JunJun's birthday and so we made a birthday greeting post for her on our Hello! Project fanpage.
And today, I just received a wonderful news from a fan that JunJun has seen the greetings on her weibo account as it was posted by another fan and sent me the link,but it required me to sign in so I couldn't see the post myself. So I asked her if she could give us a screenshot and so she did and gave us the translation from google:

JUN JUN: Thank you for blessing [love you]
◆ ◆
On face book to see the blessings from around the world, oh @ Li Chun _BABY Happy Birthday [cake]

To those who have greeted her, enjoy this moment!

Thanks to MariaLisseth for this info =)

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