Friday, January 10, 2014

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa Single review

Yay for our first Single review of the year ^_^---- Morning Musume'14's Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa


 For the outfit in Egao, the girls were clad in a white/silver dress, while some sported a pants with a black belt. Overall it looked simple and didn't really give me that "WOW" factor but still it looked simple and refreshing while still keeping the cool vibe within the group.
Rating: 8.5/10


At first listen, I didn't really like it. It was kind of a so-so to me. I personally didn't like the parts during some verses where in they compresses all the words into one line, it kinda sounded like they're reciting apoem to me. But after a few listen, I found myself quite hooked with the song, especially the chorus which sounds so cheerful and catchy.

 The intro was pretty cool too, I'd like to call it the Momusu-fied version of "We Will Rock You".
And just look at that doll-like face of our Goddess Sayu!!! <3
Rating: 8.5/10



The MV was just great!!! Finally, they found a better alternative to the crappy green screens. They did this kind of editing for C-ute's Tokai no and I think it was pretty cool but this MM'14 MV is just 10x cooler!!! It kinda looked to me like they were singing and dancing in the sky/heaven LOL! The effects was neatly done and the girls stayed true to their signature dance formations. The dance didn't have that much impact as Wagamama's slapping moves but the choreography was so clean and their movements were sharp, so it's not really relevant to compare it to their other choreography cause this one is amazing in it's own way.
Rating: 9/10

My fave scenes from the MV, one that really left an impression to me.....

Who doesn't love this mini dance-off between Riho and Ayumi??

Riho still claiming her center position in the group~ I just wish the others had this shot too...hahahah

Sakura is really getting prettier and prettier single after single!!! 

 This is far by my favorite scene!! The time where they did a mute shot of Sayumi's smile!!! Gaaaahhd she's so pretty, I can't believe I hated her before!--- must be because she's too kawaii! hahahahah.
I just hope this shot doesn't hold much significance like *cough* graduation *cough*, I hope it's just to show us the bright smile of an idol.

Overall, this 1/3 single sounds so promising to me. Aside from the cool and refreshing outfits, catchy song and amazeballs MV, the song itself gives us a very positive outlook in life, listening to this is like taking some life lessons with Morning Musume'14. I guess it's nice to conclude that the song has live up to it's title (Your smile is as bright as the sunshine) cause it did bring some smile in our faces while listening and watching this. I really hope it will surpass Wagamama/Ai no Gundan's sales.. is 200k too ambitious for now? XD
Average Rating: 8.83/10


  1. Excellent review! I really enjoy Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa. At first it was a little weird for me too with the compressed phrases but listening to the song flow instead of concentrating on those parts it started to become catchy.
    Oh and welcome back from hiatus!

    1. thanks! ^_^, I guess most of us felt that way with the compressed phrases! hahaha... you're right, it's better to listen to the song as a whole than just concentrate on certain parts

  2. I have the same opinion as you, I didn't like it at first but then It started to grow on me a lot. And I thought i was the only one that think that Sayumi shot on her smile has some significance *cough* graduation, like Ai-chan in Only You *cough*. Anyway, I love this song :)

    1. I just don't want Sayu to graduate yet... lol... they have to perform at Kohaku first ^_^.. can't wait for Kimi no kawari