Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello! Project Fan Vote 2013 Results

The Hello! Project Fan Vote 2013 results are now released! See if you're favorite member made it on top! In contrast to the previous voting from H!O community, this one is from the H!P Facebook Community, so results may not be exactly the same.

Final Ranking
As you can see, Suzuki Airi (C-ute) managed to outrank everyone and grabs the #1 spot as the H!P member with the most number of points and is mostly the highest ranked member based on the results. However, it's a close fight between her and Sayumi (MM), since there is only a slight difference in their total points. Morning Musume'14 members that dominated the top 10, taking 6 spots in the ranking, 3 spots are from C-ute (Airi, Maimi, Chisa) and only Sugaya Risako made it in the Top 10 in Berryz Kobou. (Maimi and Riho are tied, I think)

The top 10 didn't really surprise me, and I'm quite happy that Airi got 1st place, but it's hard to tell who's really the Queen Bee in H!P right now between Airi and Sayu, since both are really popular. I'm only surprised that Miyabi didn't make it in the top 10 though. And I quite expected the bottom 2.

This is the ranking based on who is most voted as the fan's #1 favorite member in H!P and Sayumi wins against Airi with only 1 vote difference (See how your vote can make a difference?? XD). The Top 10 is more or less the same with slight variations in the ranking of the girls. Despite not making it in the final ranking (Top 10), Natsuyaki Miyabi and Tsuginaga Momoko still proves that they are among the girls who has more wotas that voted for them as #1. 

Nearly 400 votes were counted and most of them have voted for Sayumi in the Top 10. But despite having more votes, Airi still outranked her in the final ranking based on total points, probably because some wotas had ranked Airi higher than Sayumi in their Top 10 H!P girls.

GROUP Ranking
#1 Morning Musume
#2 C-ute
#3 Berryz Kobou
#4 Juice=Juice
#5 S/mileage

Mostly, I'm quite satisfied with the rankings, I'm just kinda sad for Katsuta Rina though, she was consistent at the bottom. But this is just a representation of a minority of H!P's wota, so no need to feel so bad if the results did not turn out in your favor. Like I said, this only represents fans within the Facebook community, and obviously, not everyone voted and over 100 votes were not counted due to failure to respond to the confirmation e-mails sent by the organizer, so who knew what changes would have took place if those votes were counted. There's always a NEXT YEAR!

Credits to Hero Ly for coordinating with us and trusting us with this project ^_^


  1. Hey it's Hero here. I never would have gotten such a detailed survey if you hadn't granted my request to advertise this on your facebook page so thanks again for that. Look forward to a much more detailed poll next year and hopefully a better method of confirmation.

    1. welcome... we're happy to help... looking forward to do more collaboration projects with you... Maybe it's better to link their FB or twitter account in order to vote instead of using their e-mail