Friday, January 10, 2014

Guess who's back from "hiatus"? =)

I apologize that this blog has been on hiatus or inactive for quite some time and even though we managed to make a few posts a while ago, the blog has not yet made its full come back neh? The CSI team seemed to have been busy w/ our own personal lives these past few months, so we hope you guys understand ^___^

As for me though, I have been free from my personal duties for a month now but I only resumed managing the Hello! Project FB fanpage and I didn't really feel the urge to come back blogging (gomene!) until today. I love this blog, this has practically gave me the opportunity to express and share my thoughts about H!P with my fellow H!P wotas. So even if I don't entirely own this blog, I don't want to see this fade away into oblivion.~

To our followers, sorry to have kept you guys waiting but please look forward to our future posts!!! And keep supporting Chuu! Sugoi! Idol.


  1. Welcome back! Better to come back happy than to be upset the whole time. I'm glad you are feeling the blog again. Also, ignore the first comment. Whoever said that is a fool. Write as you want to write.

  2. Princess Miyo is Back! :) YEA!
    Ignore the Trolls.
    We appreciate your work!