Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Morning Musume "Triple Ii Koto ga Atta"

The Colorful/Reborn Era has created another history in Morning Musume for having their 3rd consecutive #1 single!
When you combine "One.Two.Three" and "Brainstorming" you get Morning Musume's "Triple Ii Koto ga Atta" (triple good things has happened) and that pretty much sums up the group's recent success. The weekly sales has been concluded and Morning Musume manages to seal the week with 144K sales and grabs the most coveted #1 spot! This makes the 2nd time in Morning Musume history for the group to have 3 consecutive #1 singles, the last time they had managed this feat was way back in 2001-2002 (talk about 12 years?) with "The Peace, Mr. Moonlight Ai no Big Band and Souda! We're Alive"!!!!  

Not only that, but the single has outsold all their past single in terms of weekly sales since 2002 with Koko ni Iruzee! which sold 139,070 in it's first week. Their 54th Single now ranks as #11 for the group's Best First Week Sales". This also marks their 14th overall #1 single and this is another record for them in the Japanese music industry for having a total of 54 singles that has ranked Oricon's Top 10, breaking their own record of 53 singles. 

I'm really happy for Morning Musume! The current era is really making a name for themselves. I seriously can't wait for the new era to make another record in Morning Musume, I hope that their next single will also rank #1 and this will mark their first 4 consecutive #1 single in MM history! How cool is that? I hope the staff and the management will put a great effort for their next single. 

And Morninaga Chocolate has tweeted again! They congratulated Morning Musume for their triple #1! DARS CM, anyone????

Here's another good news for MM fans, on Sept. 7, 2013, The group will have a special mini live and handshake event in celebration for their 3 consecutive #1 in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Square Garden Stage in Kawasaki City., Kanagawa Prefecture. For those who don't know, this is one of the biggest outdoor squares. The last time the group performed here was during "One.Two.Three"

With all the great things that has happened in MM now, Kyaaaa~ I have so many goals for them!!!

1. Another Music Station Performance, this time with Ai no Gundan
2. CM with DARS!!!
3. Music Station Super Live
4. KOHAKU UTA GASSEN!!!!!!!!!!! <<<< I don't know what to think if they don't get invited here!!!

and sooooon....

TOKYO DOME concert!!! With the whole H!P Family, both their past and present members... yeah, I'm hoping for a super reunion here!!!

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  1. TOKYO DOME CONCERT! <3 That would be so awesome! <3