Thursday, September 12, 2013

C-ute's 23rd Single is a Double A-side and Rivalry w/ Momoclo starts

So recently, it has been announced that C-ute's 23rd single will be entitled "Tokai no Hitorigurashi/ TBA" and is set to be released on Nov. 6, 2013! I'm really happy that they're having their 2nd double A-side. Seems like we're getting this double A-side from HP nowadays. 
There's already a concert rip of the first A-side, but i haven't listened to it yet. I refuse to judge a song by some poor quality of  recordings LOL. But basing on the comments I've read, some said it has the "Tsunku-funk" feel in it like The Manterou Show. I guess I'll just have to wait until I find some decent radio rip of the song.

Anyway, it will be coming in 6 Different Editions
Regular A (CD)
Regular B (CD)
Limited A (CD+DVD)
Limited B (CD + DVD)
Limited C (CD + DVD)
Limited D (CD)

 As we all know C-ute has declared Momoiro Clover Z is their rival (in a good way) since they are both a 5-nin group with a high performance ability.  So here's the interesting part, they will be releasing on the same day with Momoclo and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Kyary is popular but I've checked her discography, her singles sold more likely 20-40K range but she manages to sell 100-200K for her album. While Momoclo was able to break the 100k mark already and this will be their first single of the year. So it's probably gonna be a bigger sale this time, if I'm not mistaken this single will be the new op for Sailor moon anime. Not to mention, it is also AKB's 2nd week....

 This is going to be a tough week for C-ute. I hope the second A-side will be something solid to strengthen this single. I'm really hoping that C-ute will break their previous record of 60K. But #1 would be nice too right? C-ute is really on the rise for greater things. I'm really proud of them, especially after their successful 2 days live in Budokan!!!! I hope this time they can break the 100 mark too!!!! So please support them!

What's your prediction and expectations for this single?


  1. I'm happy C-ute is FINALLY getting the promotion they deserve! It's just a shame it took Tsunku this long to decide they had just as much talent as everyone else.

    1. I agree... promotion will make all the difference.. I hope to see them in Music Station again