Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reaction to 12th Gen Audition Result

So last night, Tsunku gave us some shocking news, shocking not because no one passed the audition but because we just had the footage the other day and this came in. Has Oda Sakura set the bars so hign for MM?

Just like most of the wotas my initial reaction was "EHHH?"

When the 12th gen was audition was announced, I was kind of ambivalent since during that time Oda just joined and Reina was about to leave. I didn't think I'm ready yet for another changes in the line-up. It's been a roller coaster ride in MM with all the graduations and auditions going on in the past years. I adore the current line-up but there was a part of me hoping that there could be another Reina cause as you all know, she's my oshi in MM. 

I never truly follow the whole audition thingy but I was really happy to know that there are so many girls who auditioned which is a good sign for MM. After the news about Cuca not making it to the next round, I was honestly fine with it. Don't get me wrong, Cuca is a great dancer but I'm not that impressed with her singing abilities after Oda came in.  But looking at the brighter side, if Cuca didn't make it, it can possibly mean that there are other girls who are better than her. That made me think that there might be someone who could live up to Tsunku's expectations.

Unfortunately, no one did. I know that there are time (if not most of the time) when we just don't understand Tsunku's decisions, times when we had to say "WTH Tsunku?!" But the time Tsunku picked Oda as the sole  winner for 11th gen, I personally think that he made a great decision in adding her to MM, she had an amazing vocal abilities and I think that is what MM needed as of the moment. 

Right now, we can't all deny that MM is really getting better and better, in terms of sales (Not as great as the golden era of course, but still) and skills. Their choreography is just flawless and you can really feel that group effort emanating within them. I would also agree that this is another high level MoMusu, they had really set the bars so high in terms of skills and personality, to the extent that I feel that they'll do just fine when Sayumi will graduate. I already brushed off the whole idea of "OMG ______ is gaduating, it's the end of MM" ever since the 6th gen took control of the current line-up. So yeah, the current era is starting to make a name for themselves. 

So I personally think that Tsunku made the right choice of adding no one in the current line-up and he made a good enough reason for his decision. He saw some girls with potential but not in the level of  the current MM. I guess he won't take the risk of adding a newbie who might hold back MM from moving forward. Though it is sad to think that all the efforts went to nothing. It's like he crushed their dreams of becoming a musume (Okay that's exaggerated XD) but the good part is he did invite them to join the Kenshuusei to enhance their skills. I just hope that in the process, he won't forget about them. But basing on how things are going inside H!P, there's a possibility that he will be forming a new group, he said so himself but chances might be slim for now, I mean Juice=Juice just debuted and I don't like the idea that he's starting to plan replacements for Berryz Kobou and C-ute. Come on, C-ute is still in the process of achieving greater things. So I doubt that.

Anyway, who knows what the King of Trolls have under his sleeves?

In conclusion, I'm very much happy with his decision. What MM needs right now is not a new member but more promotion, good music and stability to maintain their homeostasis as a group.

There, I said what I think.. How about you? What's you reaction to this recent event in the H!P Family? Feel free to comment below =)


  1. will Tsunku replace C-ute and Berryz Kobo???

    1. Risako is the youngest in BK at 19. Most of out H!P idols don't last that far into their 20's. And fans have ideas that a big chunk of the H!P Kids will all graduate together.

    2. well he hadn't said anything yet..... But who knows he already had it in his mind. Most of the idols graduate when their more than 20s... For now, I feel safe for C-ute cause they are doing better, so it's unlikely that Tsunku will let go of them that easily.... I just hope BK could catch up with C-ute too..

  2. I agree! Tsunku's decision was good indeed :) What the group reaaaaally need now is more promotion, Tv shows, events, good music and more amazing choreography! :)

  3. You're totally right, but if Tsunku didn't want to promote anyone to Momusu, why did he carry on with the auditions? Yes, he already explained, he was searching for another "ace", but I think he could waited more time to organize the auditions. PS: sorry for the bad english, I'm brazilian. ^^

    1. LOL... Judging from the person that he is.. he's probably trolling us with the audition.. maybe his goal was to find new eggs instead.. hahaha... Kidding.... Maybe he hadn't really found someone who is a fast learner or is good enough to catch up easily with MM as of the moment.. Their choreography is quite complicated....