Thursday, September 12, 2013

Juice=Juice aims for BEST NEW ARTIST AWARD.

"I know we will be facing many things from now, but we will be fine if it's the 5 of us. I would like to make many of our dreams come true" - Miyazaki Yuka (Leader)
Juice=Juice has made a successful major debut when their debut single ranked #2 at Oricon Charts selling 23,997 copies on it's first day. This first day sales alone has beaten the WEEKLY sales of Berryz Kobou, C-ute and S/mileage's debut single which sold; 9,252, 23,827 and 20,438 respectively. (See our FB post here)

The group has also expressed their dream of wanting to win the Best New Artist Award of Japan Records Award (I'm positive that they will ^_^) and they also wish to hold a world tour (In the future maybe, but UFA has a very limited view of the WORLD as far as I'm concerned >.<)

I'm personally happy for Juice=Juice's success thanks to the awesome promotion and media exposure they have. The way I see it, the management is giving them Morning Musume or C-ute like treatment when it comes to promotion. I'm liking how UFA seems to understand what "promotion" really means lately, I just hope BK and S/mileage will get the same kind of treatment too.

I'd like to post more promotional photos for Juice=Juice but my internet hates me right now.....

Screw advance technology....... old school kind of promotion still do exists XD

(c) Photos are from H!O

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