Friday, September 13, 2013

Sayumi inspiring "Shut-Ins"

Sayumi Michishige never fails to inspire people.
Have you ever been inspired by her?
Nishida Ai, an idol who has been getting attentions for her rich experience on reading like Philip K. Dick or Hayashi Fumiko, is also known as a former "shut-in" who refuses to go to school. She has introduced 5 books that helped her live through her hard time.

1. Men's search for meaning : Viktor E. Frankl
2. Vagabond's Diary: Hayashi Fumiko
3. Hatachi Shichigatsu Jusannichi: Michishige Sayumi
4. The Never Ending Story: Michael Ende
5. Azuma Hideo for Wondering Adults: Azuma Hideo

"The first time I happened to see her on TV show working hard with that I'm the cutest attitude, I got attracted to her although I didn't have any interest in Morning Musume of it's so-called Golden Era. The more I got into her, the prettier I found her. I was just like struck by lightning when I saw her photobook in a bookstore and I realized she had become my idol. As I went to MM's concert and watch her performance with my own eyes, I couldn't help longing to be an idol as well. Soon after I found  some idol audition and rushed to apply  for it. What I am today couldn't exist without her" - Nishida Ai

I know Sayu is not the best singer or performer in Morning Musume but I admire her not because of her pretty face or narcissistic personality but because deep down, she's a hard working person who loves what she do. Despite all the criticism and hate she gets from the public because of her lack of singing abilities, she remains strong with her head up. So let's keep on supporting Morning Musume's Kawaii Leader!

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