Friday, August 23, 2013

Former HP Egg makes her debut!

Hashida Mirei releases her Debut Single, My Song

I honestly don't know much about this girl but according to my research she is a former H!P egg, and is actually one of the first generation of eggs. She is currently currently signed under Sony Music and is going by the stage name 三令-Mirei.   

She honestly has a great voice and she got the looks too. She also did a background vocals for SNSD's "Mr. Taxi" and "Let it Rain". She would have been a good addition to the H!P Family as of the moment, talent-wise... but in terms of attitude? IDK.. For all of us who don't know, she's known as the egg who called the wota, C-ute's Massara Blue Jeans and Hagiwara Mai "GROSS" and I think it's rude, she could have kept it to herself if she didn't like it. For the wota, I could understand if she thinks that way because whether we admit it or not, pervy wota do exists in the idol world... But what's so gross with Mai? 


  1. it´s the dance of massara blue jeans and maimais young age. mirei was molested before she made her blog entry. ufa staff had to help her.
    I think she wrote this because she was angry, scared and confused...
    I wish her the best.
    and I don´t think she mean what she wrote...

    1. Oh I didn't know about her being molested.. I feel sorry for what happened to her