Thursday, April 4, 2013

[UPDATE!] Tanaka Reina Graduation Tribute Plan ^_^


An H!P fan just emailed me about them composing a song for Reina's graduation and he invited us to join forces with his team called "Morning Musume Tribute Team".. This song is especially dedicated to Reina, and he told me that a friend of his will attend the bus tour of Reina this coming May and he is planning to give Reina a CD of our video on that certain event!! This gives us a high possibility that Reina will see our video!
So, don't forget to join our tribute plan minna-san nee!

Last night, we have decided the plan for Reina's graduation tribute.

1. Each fan who will participate will send a photo (it's up to you if what pose you are going to do like YANKEE), with a small greeting.. "Congratulations Reina" is enough

2. Before sending your photo, tell us what country you are living, so that everyone will know that they got amazing fans world wide. ;) We will be the one who will attach your country's flag after sending it..

3. One of the admins will introduce the tribute through a video.. Which means that he/she will tell the viewers what this video is really about. (it will risen the possibility that Tsunku and H!P will notice our video)

4. You can also send us a short video where you are going to express your love/support or anything for Reina. You can upload it on youtube and you'll just send us the link, so that we can download it. (If you don't want your video to be seen yet, just set it into UNLISTED)

5. To avoid the missing-the-photo issue, we will post the names of those who sent their photos on Hello!Project FanPage

6. We are also in need of Japanese translator/s. Since there will be parts of the video that should be translated, and so that the viewers (from Japan) will understand what we are saying. (Who knows, you might be part of the H!P fanpage team)
After making the video, we will, of course, upload it on Youtube, and also send it to J-Melo

7. Send the photo/video at with the subject "Tanaka Reina Tribute"

Since we are aiming for J-Melo, we will set the deadline a week earlier before May. So, the deadline will be this coming April 24, 2013.

For questions:
Send me an email at with the subject "Question: Tanaka Tribute"

For checking the updates about the project, click here :)


  1. I think there's a rule in J-Melo that the videos sent must NOT be uploaded into any other site? x3 (I'm not sure!!!)

    1. Well, we will upload it 3 days before graduation.. So, I think it's still okay..

  2. Please don't leave us ;~;

  3. are you going to attached the video too ?

  4. i am really grateful that people as kind as yourself always puts a tribute together ^^

  5. i will pass something tomorrow! :D will miss Reinya... : (

  6. Just after graduation...She will go solo is it?

    1. No,she'll focalize on her band "LovendoR"

  7. Oh