Thursday, April 18, 2013

UPDATES! Tanaka Reina Graduation Tribute Project \(^o^)/

It's been a few weeks already since we started this project, so it's time for UPDATES!
Yeah, I know, it's the first time that I'm going to do it, demo, it's good to let everyone be informed about the recent updates about this project..

UPDATES as of 04/24/13
Okay! Here we go..
First up~ List of fans who passed their photos/videos..  (⌒▽⌒)☆
  • Jenny (Canada)
  • Rosalin (USA)
  • Daniela (Czech Republic)
  • Yannick (Canada)
  • Kimi (Canada)
  • Nick (USA)
  • Erisa (Japan)
  • Zoe (London)
  • Iris (Belgium)
  • Ine (Germany)
  • Anna (Germany)
  • Farhan (Indonesia)
  • Ashley (USA)
  • Angie (Mexico)
  • Uhamz (Indonesia)
  • Mochua (USA)
  • Ashley (Philippines)
  • Shahid (Singapore)
  • Azuma (Malaysia)
  • Vicky (Argentina)
  • Tess (USA)
  • Ludovica (Italy)
  • Deaunna (USA)
  • Rina (UK)
  • Serena (Venezuela)
  • Luc (Morocco) 
  • Smaui (Netherlands)
  • Adri (Netherlands)
  • Loes (Netherlands
  • Hanii (USA)
  • Jester (USA)
  • Lili (France)
  • Arief (Indonesia)
  • Ardi (Indonesia)
  • Kei (Japan)
  • Miyo (Philippines)
  • Alliah (Philippines)
  • Marina
  • Ismarh
Next is~ the song to be used (^▽^)
Well, we have announced few day ago that Chuu!Sugoi!Idol! team will have a collaboration with Morning Musume Tribute team. This team composed an original song for Reina (in full Japanese!), which is so amazing! :) Please look forward to it, we might share the song soon (★^O^★)
If you wonder if who this team is..Here's a little background about them. They are a group of people from Idol!Swap which is a community where people buy/sell idol related goods, and here's a song they composed for Momusu titled "Ganbare"(^_^)
Okay! Next is.. reminders!
Well, since I already received a lot of questions, I'll post my answers so that everyone else will clear their confusions.. ^.^ and some reminders too..
  • If you want to pass a video, make it 4-8 seconds.. 
  • If you'll talk English in your video, we will sub it for you so that the Japanese viewers will understand
  • For the photo: if you want to write your message, you can do it in English or Japanese.. and make it READABLE!
  • If you have any message and want to be translated, we can translate it for you..  and we will just attach it to your photo..
  • You can do any pose for the photo.
  • Please don't forget to tell us what country you live in..
  •  We don't accept any translators now, we have enough for the work..
  •  The deadline will be this coming April 24, 2013 23:59 Japan time
  •  Don't hesitate in asking us questions
  • Early photos are much appreciated =)
  • Please tell your friends about this project to Reina/Momusu/H!P fans and encourage them to join!
  • If you haven't received any reply about your photo within 24 hours after you sent it, please re-send it.
  • I only entertain questions in my gmail account, since I don't really check this blog often and to our Hello!Project Fan page.. 
  • If your name was not included in the list above, please tell us by emailing me in this address
I think that's all for now  O(≧∇≦)O
Don't forget to send your photos/videos!


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  2. Just the completed video up in youtube d?..or it's taken down now?..haha