Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Berryz Kobou and Visual Kei Collaborates!!!

Are you a fan of Berryz Kobou?
Are you a fan of Visual Kei groups?
So yeah, here's a dream live event for you!!
Idol group, Berryz Kobou will have a joint live event with Visual Kei group "jealkb" on May 31, 2013 at Shibuya-AX!!!

Well, I don't expect this kind of collaboration lol... but it's nice to see berryz collaborates with other artists too... Who knows, VK fans might like BK too XD..

Here's the schedule and details for the event >>>>> SOURCE


  1. I'm sure there are definitely some VK fans that also like Berryz Koubou. And I'm one of them. Though sadly I'm not a fan of Jealkb. Lol. But it's not like I'm in Japan to see the concert even if I was. XD

    A few members of Jrock bands have expressed their love for idol groups. Daigo from BREAKERZ has always been pretty vocal about it. So, I'm sure if Jrock bands themselves like idols there's a a good chance some Jrock fans do too.