Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning Musume 53rd Single Confirmed, so is it BRAIN STORMING or BREAST?!

The rumored title of Morning Musume 53rd Single is now confirmed "Brain Kakumei or Buresuto". No further details have been revealed yet regarding the single. So let's wait for more infos to come regarding the release date and if this will be Reina's graduation single...and not to mention, the confirmation of what Buresuto exactly mean.....So what's it for you? I'd like to standby into the brain storming side.. coz the other meaning sounds rather disturbing......Anyways, belated Happy Valentines Minna-san....


  1. Hello! Project Wiki is saying the song's title in English is Brain Revolution or Brainstorming :)

  2. Is this real? Well, here comes Reina's last single~~

  3. Well UFA just release the PV and it's said to be "Brainstorming"