Sunday, February 17, 2013

♪Pa-pa-pa-party party Celebration! with Berryz Kobou♪

Last night, Berryz Kobou's "Asian Celebration MV" was finally uploaded in Youtube! My initial impression was just like of the majority's....It looked like Dakishimete Dakishimete and One Two Three thrown into one PV! So is it likeable or not?

 I'm glad that BK is having great singles recently and I'm happy to say that this single is included in my fave berryz song. The song is funky and enjoyable, it didn't fail to deliver that disco vibes while listening and it kinda feel like "retro" at least to me. I like the speaking parts too, especially Miya's "Here we go" part! lol. It didn't take me to listen to it more than once before the tune and some lines sticks to my head like glue...and it still does linger in my head unlike some recent H!P songs in which I can't sing in my head unless I'm listening to it. And I kinda miss that feeling as a fan in H!P.

I don't love the PV as contrary to most of the fans' reaction. But I like it just enough that it doesn't look so boring. And yes, just as I said, it gives off the Dakishimete2x and OTT feel into it. I like the similarities with Dakishimete2x, the DJ set and disco balls, it makes it enjoyable to watch. What I don't feel is the blinding SPARKLES! why are sparkles everywhere??? It's distracting, UFA, you should have toned it down a bit.

Prior to the release of the MV, I was hoping that the setting would be in a disco club with other party-goers  (Now I wonder why H!P doesn't seem to hire some extra back up dancers in most of their PVs), in which the party don't start till BK walks in and becomes the life of the party while showing the world how Asians could party like a superstar. And I also hoped they wore another outfit which is more casual or something colorful to match that 90s or disco feel to it cause I don't really feel the zebra print. Anyway, what's up with H!P's costume designers and animal prints recently?

Overall, I Love the song, I just like the PV.  Risako was a stand out for me since she doesn't feel like a cam whore in this PV, everybody gets a good amount of screentime. I'm not really that happy with Miya's hairstyle but she's still a stand out, and I really adore Yurina's hairstyle it looks good on her! Lastly, I'd like to applaude Momoko for NOT annoying me in this PV, I like her in this one, she looks rather normal especially with that pigtails gone.


  1. Everyone seems to really love the PV...

    In the case of this PV and styling, what were they thinking while they were doing Miyabi’s hair? And sometimes with those contacts, they just don’t suit her. Risako should have kept her red hair colour. Saki, Momoko, Maasa and Chinami look great especially Momoko who has her hair in a hairstyle that I have wanted her to have for ages (that or her hair down). Yurina looks alright.

    The song is alright but not appealing to me as the previous two were. It could have been so much better. Love the outfits though.