Thursday, February 14, 2013

C-ute's 21st Single Confirmed! and tsunku about wetting on pants!

So I guess, the rumor is TRUE with the title of this single which is "Crazy Kanzen na Otona"..... so it might also mean that the rumor about Reina's graduation single might be this infos came from same person....but let's just hope for the best..

Anyway, here's some teaser from Tsunku regarding C-ute's upcoming Single....

Tsunku tweeted about C-ute twice.

■ " I've finished the Track Down of C-ute new song.
It's cool~!"

■ Then, a person asked "Can I'm looking forward to it?"
Tsunku replied.
"I'll attack with this song! It's so cool that please take care not to wet your pants!
--- --- ---

 Here's more details about the different edition


  1. I hope it's as fierce as Kanashiki Heaven was. I need another song like that!

    1. yeah, I like kanashiki heaven too.. one of my fave C-ute song despite it being just an Airi and Chisato song..still they nailed it =)