Friday, July 6, 2012

The Manterou Show Dance Shot

So finally we get to see at least the dance shot of the manterou show and I'm not even sure if this one will ever get a PV


My reactions....

I'm sorry to say but the only thing I like in this video is the dance (of course I love the song too). The dance step is easier and more enjoyable to watch and dance with compared to One Two Three but I have a few complaints on this one....

1. Too much Reina and Riho...Yes I LOVE them both, they have way better vocals compared to the others but I mean c'mon! There are 10 girls in this group and yeah sure Reina and Riho can be the main lead vocals, but they could atleast give the others decent lines and not look like just back-up dancers. Reina and Riho had dominated One Two Three, they could atleast give others their time to shine. I understand that vocal wise, Morning Musume is not that stable at the moment that's why the main factor Tsunku wants in the 11th gen is someone who is good vocally but I'm really not that happy seeing the others looking like back-ups. Well, atleast AYUMI looked awesome dancing ♥

2. Same costumes.........I thought there will be a different costume for this one.....I thought it was a uniform type.....I couldn't find the one that was not being censored.......
But it turned out that they might be wearing the same outfit. Don't get me wrong I love their outfit, but that's enough for One Two Three.....wouldn't it be great if they had a different one for The Manterou Show?

3. Same setting.......I already said before that I didn't like the backdrop they used and now they used it again =(.....

No more budget for MM's Golden Single? They say that The Manterou Show will just have a dance shot version but others say this will get a which is which? I clearly don't know. I guess, most of the budget went to all the promotion they did, which is also a good thing since it really did help boost MM's sale right now!

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  1. Yeah..I agree with #1..To much focus on Reina & Riho >.<..Seems like the others just like a backup dancer. And one more, i'm pity with Sayumi coz she always at the side, less attention. She is a leader.
    I want all members キラキラ☆ equally.