Saturday, July 14, 2012

Promotion makes all the difference! Congrats Reborn Morning Musume

I know I'm kinda late in writing a congratulatory post for Morning Musume, but better late than never right? LOL...

I never truly followed someone's weekly sales so closely and this was the first time I did it, maybe it was all because of the hype going around with Morning Musume's 50th Single and how different One Two Three sounded from the usual H!P songs we would hear. Normally, I would just care on how they did in their first day sales then just wait for the weekly sales. But in this case, I actually kept an eye on how things were doing until the weekly charts.. I was so proud when they reached 56 ,139 ranking 2nd. But what's more great is that they actually reached 100,598 in a week and ranked 3rd!

I know they didn't sell as much as AKB would right now, but just the thought of them reaching 100k since 2003 is really something and I feel so happy for them that it felt like they just sold a million copy!

See UFA, H!P and Tsunku? All the great promotions you did paid off! I hope this serves as a wake up call for the management to continue to promote the girls well, since it's never a waste. The different editions might have actually contributed to the increase of sales plus the awesome hand shake events for fans. So it's all about marketing strategies combined with great promotional efforts.

Riho's fan bought 40 copies!
Reborn Morning Musume will bring MM on it's glory days.
It's clearly a job well done, I hope UFA and H!P does not stop here in doing something AWESOME as this, hoping for more great singles and sales not only for Morning Musume but for the entire H!P family!

And we got some awesome message from the Original Queen of Morning Musume:

To Sayumi: “I think there were all kinds of leaders, but you don’t have to copy somebody to be a good leader. Hold onto your heart, and do your best with Reina. Don’t cry!"

To fans: "Also, everyone’s power. Things really change with everyone’s support, so please take care of them!”

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