Thursday, July 5, 2012

Berryz Kobou's FLASHMOB! Who wants to JOIN?

 Ready to dance? Let's do some FLASHMOB with Berryz Kobou!

Hello Project has been giving me great treats lately from their releases, and so far none has disappointed me since the start of 2012, but Berryz had their sales dropping (not counting Cho Happy Song) with Be genki selling around 17K...and I really thought that was a good single and I really liked it so I don't understand why it had a low sales. On the otherhand, I'm having a good faith in Berryz for their next single since their last cover was a great hit for them and I hope Cha Cha SINg would too..=)

Got some photos of their PV filming and guess what, they're doing a flashmob dance! Well, that's how I look at it....

Well, I personally like flashmobs..LOL....and I think this is quite relevant to the original MV of the Thai song since it showed people's videos dancing........I wish I could you want to join too?

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