Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Musume still SPARKLING at 50~

 First Impression: IT's Oh-so-sparkly!

Just as I thought! I had a feeling that they would upload the MV of One Two Three TODAY!!! Honestly, I have been thinking about how the MV would looks the whole day at school and I couldn't wait til I get home and guess what greeted me when I arrived, Momusu's half MV of their Golden Single!!!

I was expecting that Manterou Show would be the sparkly one instead of One Two Three. But nonetheless, the MV did NOT disappoint me and my eyes were getting tired of watching the dance version (which was such a teaser) for like "I-lost-count times". MM's 50th single is one of my most awaited single from HP next to Chou Happy Song, since this marks the legacy of Morning Musume's golden single!

I was afraid or worried about how the setting would look like in the actual MV since in the dance version it was so simple, all we get to see was them in a black room with gold and brown curtains and drapes which wasn't so appealing to me. But all the effects and transitions did the trick to make this MV worthy to be their 50th Single. All the auto-tuning in the song was matched with a cool effect in the MV, especially around 0:20, it kinda feel like playing Virtual DJ..LOL. The intro was cute too, they were like mannequins/ action figures. There were some parts that it was kinda fast paced but for me it just complimented the song. It's great that everyone had equal screen time despite that Reina and Riho was the main lead. The individual shots was cool, with the girls beside a mirror, some of them got a shot of their reflection singing.

Normally, in MM's MV my eyes would be glued to Reina, but now it's not.  If it's not my oshimen (forgive me Reina), then who??????

AYUMI.....OH MY GOSH! All the poses she makes looks so cute and cool at the same time, I don't even know what to say more, she makes me speechless at the moment and her powerful dance moves (though not as powerful as Riho) is a BIG PLUS! She looks so deadly with that wink she made! I actually started liking her in Renai Hunter and now she's one of my oshimen in MM!

SAYUMI....our leader is soooooo PRETTY!!!! If looks could kill then i would have died already! There's something in Sayu's eyes that I don't see in the others. Her eyes are like a black hole that seems to absorb me in (4:27), I don't know, I just kept staring in her eyes..LOL, weird..Sayu is like the evil queen, very hypnotizing, seductive and

ERIPON! Purple really suits her. Is it just me or Eripon doesn't looks so happy? Maybe because Gaki is no longer there? All I see in her is her FIERCE LOOK in which she really nailed that look with the help of her hairstyle! Fierce = sexy!

HARUKA ♥ lol, they made her look like she's not 12 years old and she's pulling off that innocent girl next door look perfectly! I love her puppy eyes!

Overall, I love the MV, all the effects just made their dance looked more powerful. It was a great editing done by the stuff. And geez, I missed watching tonight's episode of "Once Upon A Time" just to make this post and I can't stop myself from replaying the MV! I guess I'll just have to take my time praising the video and everyone behind it. It seems that Momusu is getting back on track and if this continues then, there's no doubt that they would again regain their throne and redeem themselves from all those who doubted their capabilities as a group now. Whatever is going on in HP/UFA right now, keep it up cause you have been feeding us with great releases, I'm hoping that Manterou Show is just as awesome or even better.

So what do you think of the MV? Who are the standouts for you?

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