Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chou HAPPY SONG is Berry C-ute!!!!


The moment that I have been waiting for is finally here-------the PV for Chou HAPPY SONG!!! I honestly could not contain my happiness when it was finally posted in mbcmschannel in youtube!!!! I was planning to make a post light night but it was kinda late and I was still left speechless about this whole single~

When this song got leaked on youtube, I was pretty amazed by Tsunku's brilliant idea in creating this song! a perfect commemoration for the 10 long years of HP Kids (or should I even could them kids now?) who eventually evolved into beautiful young ladies yet kept that charisma that made the public love this 2 groups. Obviously, this is "kagebunshin no jutsu" more better than the first single BeriKyuu had, I didn't like the PV of the first collaboration single they did but I did love the song.

But Chou HAPPY Song is an EPIC WIN!!!!!

I'm glad that the PV did not also disappoint me, it's a perfect for the theme "Simple yet Elegant". The intro was really a smart move with Momoko and Airi both starting to play their separate CDs together and then viola~ the magic begins, and plus, it makes sense! 

What's a collaboration if we don't get to see close-ups from everyone? They also did this in their previous PV together right? But this is a lot better, the contrasting red and white color and oh, the middle shot where Rii kissed Airi is soooo cute!!!!! They're Bffs afterall...LOL...

Where everyone seems to be busy to have their screen time, Rii is busy kissing someone..LOL

The dance shots is probably my favorite part, I like how they put the two dance shot versions into transition then eventually combining the two, the white background was perfect despite it was just curtains and drapes, it honestly looks better than the backdrop they had in MM's One Two Three dance shot. Also it made the girls stand out in the video even if C-ute was in white outfit....White and red was a nice choice of color since it does not clash together.

Everyone looks great in their respective group dance shots.

 Risako really stood out to me among Berryz, she looks so pretty in this MV and her voice sounds so great which I don't usually think, so this is really a thumbs up for her!!!!! ♥
and oh Nakky~ that hairstyle is so freaking cute on you!!!!!! You look gorgeous like a princess~

And here's some Berry C-ute pose from BeriKyuu!!! Can you feel the love and friendship between them? I do!!!! The costume change was adorable and I specifically love Airi's dress!

And finally, we get the finishing touch of the MV..Airi and Momoko now in the same room in the intro but already wearing what I call "their collaboration" outfit and the 2 CD transformed into one look and the smartest finale where they make up the word "HP"!!! Which again, really really makes sense for the whole Single! However, this single did not make me made me ECSTATIC!!!!! I'm loving it so much!

I'm proud with what UFA and HP is doing right now, maybe 2012 is really for HP? The first half of 2012 wasn't so disappointing in terms of their releases and singles! Everything from them seems to have improved a lot! So this is another JOB WELL DONE!!!!! *Clap Clap Clap* I hope they keep up the good work and continue to make great music, good promotions and awesome PVs!!!!

Be sure to buy this single!!! I hope this becomes a chart-topping single too!!!
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