Monday, June 11, 2012

Manterou Show Radio Rip

Yay, we finally get to have a radio rip for Manterou Show. And hell yeah! I love this song too just as I love One Two Three!!! It's great that this song is kinda different to the other one, it's funky rather than electro-pop which is One Two Three. This song actually has the "HP feel and touch" for me, since well, it sounds really HP and something I could expect from Morning Musume compared to One Two Three who came as a shock because of how it sounds. But I'll stop with the comparison for now, I'll wait for the 2 PVs to come out before I make a conclusion between the 2.

When I first listened to it, it kinda reminded me with Love Machine, so I'm really hoping that this single will like be "THE LOVE MACHINE" of this new era of Morning Musume. One Two Three was clearly not for everyone as not most of the fans accepted the auto-tuning and the kpop-ishness of the song (But I DID ♥), so our Tsunku gave us a taste of his genius mind by giving us Manterou Show.

I know line distribution is an issue again, and as much as I love Reina and Riho, I think Tsunku should start using the other girls' talents too, it will allow fans to get used to hearing them do the vocals too instead being just back-ups but since Tsunku gave us amazing songs for Morning Musume, I'll forgive him for now.. I hearing Tsunku in the background???

In general, Morning Musume is really doing well with their singles and for now, I'm convinced that Tsunku is finally back to his senses in making awesome songs again not only for Morning Musume but for HP in totality. I hope they wouldn't mess up the PV for this awesome single! Well deserved to be called their 50th Single!

Listen to the Radio Rip HERE

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