Friday, February 17, 2012

Pocket Morning Berryz Weekly Q&A (Week of 2/17/2012) from H!O~!!!

Hello everyone, here's this week's, "Pocket Morning Berryz Weekly Q&A" from H!O.
Please enjoy~^^~

Q. If a part of your face could be transformed into another Hello! Pro member's, who and what part would it be?

Risako's facial size!!
I'm envious at how small it is~!!!

Meimei's eyebrows!!
Those eyebrows are too charming (≧v≦*)/

The smallness of Niigaki-san's face!!

Saki-chan's lo~ng eyelashes (^―^)★

Ears → Berryz' Risako's ★
Since mine are small, I yearn for big ears and such~.

Risako's face!
I feel like it'd become a doll-like face which anything would look good on.

Mm~ I wonder what?

Captain & Chii-chan wants a smaller face~~★
Yep~ I agree with you, Momo~!!!
Oh! I think Suu-chan is the first and only person to talk about eyelashed, I think~^^~
Haha~ Miya want bigger ears~♥ Well according to some superstitions or Asian physiognomy, usually people with big ears have more luck than others!
Kuma-chan want to be more cute~
I think Risako knows that she's perfect!!!

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