Monday, February 20, 2012

C-ute New Profile Pictures! YEY!

C-ute changed their profile pictures in their official website! YAY! and these will may be their jacket outfits and maybe their second outfits too for their upcoming single entitled "Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku"

When I found this out, it really made me so excited to find out what their outfits will be and more.
Seeing this reminds me of Aitai Lonely Christmas, I don't know why and I just love it so much!
Let's check out the individual pictures!
First off is of course, our dear leader Maimi-chan! She looks so charming in her full body shot, and her hair is now long nee.. Sugooooooi!
Next is our beautiful sub-leader, Nakky-chan! I think her outfit made me remind of their Aitai lonely Christmas, because it has some similarities. 
Airi is so cute in her outfit. I think she has the most lady-look outfit. All of them has the lady look outfit, but Airi is just the most.. I hope you guys know what I mean.. :) 

Chisa cut her hair few days ago, I think she still fit in her outfit with her brand new hairstyle. Her outfit is kind of plain but attractive.
Last but not the least, Mai-chan! Her outfit is my most favorite, it suits her very well! (It's not favoring, I just love it, okay?!) Anyways, Maimai looks so beautiful now. She really grew up nee?

C-ute's theme is like a winter one? or a spring one? or maybe autumn? XD  My vote is in autumn, though it's still a very far season. So, what do you guys think in their new profile pictures? So C-ute right? XDDD
I can't wait to watch their PV, I hope they'll release it soooooon..
Are you guys excited? What are your expectations in their upcoming single and the PV?
Check out their website if you want to.. XD
C-ute official website

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  1. I love the outfits. Especially Saki's, Mai's and Airi's. Maimi's and Chisa are just okay.