Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking for a New Author!

Chuu!Sugoi! Idol team is now looking for a new author!
The blog has been a little inactive ever since the school starts. The blog has been having a high raise of views, and because of that, us admins and authors wants someone who will make this active like before. The winning author will also be an admin for a Hello!Project fan page in Facebook.
There are also some rules and regulations of being an author and an admin, we also look for a person who has a good personality.
So, to be an author, you have to be good at writing, also, you have to be fluent in English. You guys have to send us an entry of a topic of Hello!Project, mostly mean as an article. The deadline will be this coming Friday 16:00 PHT. Note that no negative thoughts, and no copying. Please be honest!
To those who are interested to be an author and an admin of an H!P fanpage, email the main admin in this address: fairylala_ majohadzuki@yahoo.com

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