Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kumai Yurina and Airi Suzuki To Star in a New Horror Movie!

It has just been announced that Berryz Kobou's Kumai Yurina and C-ute's Suzuki Airi will star in a suspense horror movie entitled "Oosama game", this is a popular cell-phone novel and this will be their first movie together!. It was said that the movie will be released this winter. Although, I'm not sure if this would be a high budget or a low budget movie but either ways I think this will be a good one since, it all members from both group will have appearances in the movie too and Yoshizawa Hitomi will represent Morning Musume!!!! *cheers to HP!*

Yurina will be playing the lead role of Honda Chiemi and Airi will be Honda's mysterious classmate, Iwamura Ria! Yurina confessed . "I’m definitely feeling the pressure. I get nervous standing in front of the camera. Movies are different from concerts and stage plays. You have to act in front of a camera. I struggled with that, but I did my best each day with the help of the cast and crew” . Yurina also admitted that everyone from both groups have been supportive of her.

As for Airi, who has just finished filming for Vampire Stories, had been preparing for her upcoming role by studying her character. She said “I heard that [my character] was a very mysterious person, so I spent time talking with the director and author about her facial expressions, unique way of talking, and so forth. That’s how I prepared for the role”

Producer Andrew Niwa-Tamon, known for his work in idol-centered dramas such as the ‘Keitai Deka‘ series explained that the reason why he chose both girls is that it's because of their "unique presence" although I don't exactly get what he mean by that. He also added “it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that a masterpiece of high-school horror has been made”.

I'm really happy with this news and it's kinda funny because it would feature my favorite member from C-ute and as for Yurina, well, I used to hate her at first, but I don't hate her anymore =). It seems that HP has been starting to expand their experiences through HORROR movies *as always* and I hope that one day they could star the girls in dramas. I haven't seen Yurina acted yet so I'm really looking forward for this one and also because it would feature all members from BK and C-ute! So goodluck to everyone and do your best! We'll be waiting for the movie!

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