Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kono Asami finally debuts as an announcer!

It was finally announced that former MM member, Kono Asami will make her debut as an announcer on a show called "7 Star Bratch". I honestly have no idea what that show is about but nevertheless, July 7th broadcast, which is today! is her first appearance as an announcer.

Konkon had been training for 3 months as an intern and now, she finally gets the job and this would be her own show, I think! *clap clap*. Aside from that she will also be appearing in several shows on the same day such as "FINE! Opening" and "NEWS FINE". She is also a regular host in an upcoming late night show "Moe x Kon" which is set to begin on the 11th!

I wish her luck for her current career!

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  1. i proud of her but she looks to skinny here...