Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simply Buono!

Buono's latest PV has finally been released on their official Youtube channel and all I can say is that I love the new look in Buono. It's not the cool and rocking Buono that I knew, this one is more like the simple and innocent side of Buono!
The song?
I like the tune of the song, it's calm and soothing to hear. Unlike their previous songs that were more upbeat and pop-rock, this one has a different feel to it. And listening to it makes me remember happy summer memories with my friends and family. But it hasn't entirely grown to me yet, *still on the process*. Though I'm an Airi biased fan, it kills me to honestly say that I didn't exactly like her speaking parts, well it's my opinion and others will have their own opinion with that (gomene airi-chan T.T, I still love you and you're still my fave). And looking through the comments on the video, it seemed that some fans weren't that happy with Airi getting more lines than miya and momo. But here's the thing, IT'S NOT AIRI'S FAULT IF UFA/HP IS THROWING HER MORE LINES!!! OKAY?? SO STOP BLAMING HER! just grow up and stop complaining. I'm quite sure that their next single will have a new rotation.

The PV?
It goes well with the song, it's simple and it's fine for me considering the fact that Buono had a really expensive PVs from their previous singles. Mostly it features girls standing in front of a door while singing, scenes on couch, girls at the garden, watching the fishes on the acquarium and the usual close-ups and I don't have much things to say about it.

and before I end this article could I just say how gorgeous Miya is in this PV?

I mean look at her? She looks like a goddess/fairy! And her hairstyle is so FAB!

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  1. Miya really looks gorgeous! but so do airi and momoko,, momoko is the same as always and i really like airi's air! she is much better on acting than the others,, I hope this new movie they are making give them some experience on that area,,
    Love this music! keep going so great , buono!