Thursday, July 28, 2011

C-ute's "Momoiro Sparkling" [Making Of Subbed]

The making of C-ute's Momoiro Sparkling single has been out, and someone already subbed it! YAY! thanks to mobekimasukidesu for the video.
Anyway, since it's a 23 minutes and 2 seconds video, hope you guys enjoy it!

Seems that the members enjoy filming the PV since it's been a while when they had their energetic-happy-single. The members talked about many things. It's very interesting, so don't miss a chance to watch it!
Anyways, there's a part that I want to share you guys about. Mainly called highlights? I think.. :P
Here's the part where Maimai took part as the reporter asking the members if what's the important point to note about their outfit.
first off is Maimi-chan..
Maimi: Of course, the part where the ribbon is tied and the belt..
Airi: the stripes
Mai-chan: For Hagiwara, without a doubt are these overalls!
Chisato: Without a doubt are these pigtails..
Saki: the shoes..
The members answer cutely.. :D
There's also a part where Airi made some funny gestures and it's really hilarious, but charming. I hope I can make a gif of it, but I'm still learning about it, so I'll just update this entry if I already did it.. :)
The song is mainly defined as fresh and cute, and it really is cute and fresh. :P Also, the cute outfits, and the feeling of the song is really fresh.
Anyway, I can't make the entry more longer since I still have some school work to do, and just dropping by to make this entry.
Hope you guys watch this amazing making of, you'll surely enjoy it..

Thanks again to mobekimasukidesu

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  1. I enjoyed very much of this video! ^_^
    I always like to see the ‘Making of’ from videos from my favourite singes/groups. :)